Aulos 205A Descant Recorder

Brand Aulos
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Product Features
  • Brown and white descant recorder universally approved by schools and teachers.
  • Easy to play and popular amongst beginners.
  • Comes with mustard-coloured carrying case.
  • Supplied with adjustable thumb rest (detachable). also includes a cleaning rod and fingering chart.
  • Excellent response and full sound throught the register, ideal for lessons, practice and live performances.
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The trade mark “AULOS” is taken from Greek mythology meaning the Wind Instrument with double reed.

When our plastic recorders - the first - were launched into the market in 1955, the name AULOS was chosen by Mr. Masaru Hanamura from the Japanese Ministry of Education. Since this time we have been continually developing techniques to maintain and improve performance and quality.

AULOS recorders are currently used in schools not only in Japan but in more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition to recorders, high precision instruments such as a traditional flute called “Shinobue” and Flauto Traverso have been successfully manufactured from our specially made resin. They are highly valued as excellent instruments.

The slightest shape difference in manufacture reflects timbre so our precision molding has a tolerance in micron units (1/1000 millimeter). Experienced and skillful engineers are engaged in producing superb and uniform instruments in our factory in Japan. This is reflected in creating instruments of the highest quality.

We continually strive to make the best, thus contributing to a standard of excellence in music making throughout the world.

Aulos 205A Descant Recorder

A recorder is a wooden wind musical instrument of the family whistle of wind instruments such as flute, Ocarina. Recorder is a kind of longitudinal flutes.
The recorder differs from other instruments of its family by the presence of 7 finger holes on the front side and one on the back — the so-called the octave key.
The sound in the recorder is formed in the coracoid mouthpiece which is on the front of the instrument. In the mouthpiece there is a wooden plug, covering the hole for the injection of air (leaving only a narrow slit).
In our time, the recorders are made not only from wood but also from plastic. However, the best sound is a wooden flute, regardless of what care they require far more meticulous than plastic.
For the manufacture of traditionally used boxwood or fruit trees (pear, plum), for low-end models — usually maple, and professional tools are often made of rocks mahogany.
The time scale is diatonic, but with the use of fork fingerings expands to full chromatic

The patented AULOS "cavity wall" design. Soft, clear and sonorous tone.

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