Ferris FR400S Descant/Soprano Recorder

Brand Ferris
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Product Features
  • Superior school descant/soprano recorder
  • Baroque (english) fingering
  • Black finish wih ivory trim
  • Manufactured from tough abs
  • Fingering chart, cleaning rod and wipe clean leatherette case included
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Ferris Professional Soprano Recorder in black & ivory finish. Supplied complete with a leatherette case, cleaning rod & fingering chart. Features Soprano recorder FR400S ABS resin 3 piece construction Baroque / English Fingering Black / Ivory Includes carry case, finger chart & cleaning rod

Recorder refers to the woodwind instruments, the so-called internal duct flutes. This instrument has a long ancient history. In the Leeds City Museum, in Great Britain, there is a bone recorder which was made during the period of Iron Age. Among the other duct flute the recorder has a distinctive feature- seven finger- holes and one thumb hole. Since the fourteenth century the recorder became popular in European music. The recorders were used for both playing the dance music and the vocal music: mass, canzone, motet. The recorders mostly used to substitute or mimic the human voice. The recorder was one of the most popular instruments in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The composers of that times created their works specially for this instrument, such as Henry Parcell, Hotteterre, Loeillet, Marcello, Mancini, Mattheson and many others. Exactly in this period the first books about the recorder appeared.

Later the recorder became less popular, due to the appearance of the transverse flute, which has the larger range and loudness. But to the beginning of the twentieth century the recorder became popular again and was used in the performance of various genres of music.

Traditionally the recorders were made of different kinds of wood: boxwood, rosewood, pear tree, maple, the more expensive recorders are made of mahogany. Now the plastic recorders are also very popular due to their cheapness and relative durability. But some musicians guess that the wood recorders sound better than the plastic ones.

It have a simple construction, nevertheless the modern recorders were a little modified. Recorders with a square cross-section started to be produced in larger size. Some manufacturers invented the recorders with a greater dynamic range and more powerful bottom notes. As a result this instrument has become easier to be heard during the concerts.

The modern recorders are used mostly in classical music. The most famous virtuoso players of the twentieth century are Michala Petri and Carl Dolmetsch. The recorders were also used in the popular music, for example by such famous pop group as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Led Zeppeline and many others.

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