Neotech 1901162 Saxophone Strap

Brand Neotech
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Product Features
  • Regular sax strap.
  • Incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing.
  • Weight of instrument evenly distributed.
  • Makes your instrument feel 50% lighter.
  • Fits most saxophones.
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Neck strap 5 cm wide Soft neck pad Synthetic snap hooks For Alto and Tenor saxophone Length 41,9 - 53,3 cm

Saxophone is the only band instrument which uses the neck strap to be held. So it is obvious that its main function is to hold the saxophone secure, in a good position to play the saxophone. If you want avoid the neck pain try not to underestimate its significance and pay a proper attention to the quality of this useful device. Though there are some features to consider, it’s up to your individual requirements what strap to choose.

Several types of straps are distinguished:

-basic neck straps;

-straps which are thrown over the shoulders;

-harness straps;

-thin straps;

-wide straps.

If you are a beginner or you have a neck pain the padding straps will be the best solution for you. Such straps take the weight of the instrument off your neck and right thumb.

If you have a problem with your back glance at the harness straps or shoulder straps. They transfer the weight of the saxophone off the neck and spread it through the back and shoulders.

The good advice is to adjust the instrument to yourself instead of adjusting yourself to the position of the instrument. Check the length of the strap: it should be not very long and not very short.

If you ever drop your instrument you understand the importance of the saxophone hook’s quality. There is also a great variety of hook’s types: simple hooks, deep hooks, twisted hooks and others. The most popular hook is a clasp hook. Such hook secures your instrument from popping off. As a result won’t allow for player to drop the instrument right during the performance. But it has one disadvantage-if the player wants to change the saxophone quickly it will cause some troubles. This disadvantage may be decisive for those musicians who need to be able to make quick horn changes. The twisted hooks become the most proper choice for many saxophone players. Hooks are made of different materials, but the most popular are metal hooks (steel or brass). The plastic hooks are also used but they are not very reliable.

In any case, each saxophone player will have needs that are specific and individual to their playing situation, and attentiveness and some experience in playing will help you to choose the perfect sax strap for your playing needs.

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