Recorder Workshop 301PK Descant Recorder

Brand Recorder Workshop
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Product Features
  • 3 piece construction
  • Clear tone
  • Excellent tuning
  • Supplied with matching cloth bag
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The Classic school recorder for the discerning recorder player. The 301 descant (soprano) recorder from Recorder Workshop offers three piece construction with an arched windway for improved breath control and clear focused tone and is available in a choice fabulous choice of bright & vibrant colours.

The 301 recorder is equally suitable for classroom, ensemble and solo playing. Made from high quality ABS resin these instruments are strictly quality-tested to ensure precision tuning. Includes fingering chart and cleaning rod. Supplied in strong and durable matching colour cloth bag with draw string. Available in classic black, blue, red, green, purple & pink colours.

The soprano recorder or descant is an instrument which has a smallest size in the family of recorders. Due to its size it has a higher pitch than other members of this family, such as alto, tenor, bass recorders. In comparison with the human voice the soprano recorder has the higher octave. It has the sound similar to the flue pipes of an organ. Due to the close placement of the finger holes the soprano recorder is used for music education of children. It is the best instrument for the beginners. In most cases the soprano recorder made from plastic or wood. The plastic recorders are mostly popular among the beginners and amateurs, who use it for one or more of these reasons:

-small size and light weight provide comfortable usage;

-inexpensive price;

-it is suitable for children;

-range of notes is available for playing folk music and songs,

One of the main disadvantages is that the descant has a very high, almost shrieking sound, and it may hardly ever apply to the playing of serious music styles.

The wood recorders are made of different kind of woods: rosewood, pear tree, maple, boxwood or even ebony. There is a belief that the wooden instruments are tuned better and have a focused sound with character. The quality of the sound depends on the wood. But they are surely have a better tone than the plastic recorders.

Sometimes the recorder makers add the separate foot joint to the recorder. But indeed high quality descants are made without it. And such instruments are used without problems for solo performance.

As for the plastic recorders, they have a well focused sound and are less critical of breath pressure. This is not concerns the cheapest recorders. The plastic descant may be badly tuned and sound may be a little weak. So, the best decision for you is the recorders with plastic heads. They are durable and not very expensive, thus they may be used by children.

Choosing your instrument you should remember that the best recorders are individually hand crafted from high quality woods.

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