Slide O Mix Rapid Comfort for Trombone

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Product Features
  • Easy to use one stop trombone slide lubricant.
  • For the trombonist who wants the performance of slide-o-mix, but in a quicker and easier application.
  • Apply it, spread it, and you're ready to go!
  • Ideal for students.
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Rapid comfort 30 ml

To prevent your trombone from premature wear use special means for oiling your trombone slide. Slide is one of the most important parts of the trombone. The trombone’s slide allows to achieve the notes that other brass instrument may produce with a help of valves. It has a U-shaped form and moves along two tubes. Its main function to increase the length of the tubes, lowering the base sound by a half step and achieving the notes of seven harmonic series.

To keep the slide in best condition you need to use lubricants. They will help you to make the slide smoothly and easy for playing.

The lubricants may have mostly three forms: oil, cream or a substance which combines the features of oil and cream, the so-called dual lubricants. Trombone slide oil considered to be the most comfortable for applying. That’s why it is so popular among the beginners. But the professional musicians also use this type of lubricant. Before using a new type of oil you need to remove thoroughly the old lubricant whether it was a cream or oil. It is very important step because of the possible reacting between two different lubricants, which may causes the formation of the corrosion or deposits on the slide.

Slide creams provide an excellent lubrication. Besides many musicians think that such lubricant lasts longer than oil lubricant. The

manufacturers produce the cream in the tubes, like toothpaste or in the small plastic jars. To apply the cream you just need to put your fingers into the cream and then wipe the slide around. Be attentive, if you apply too much cream the slide may move slower.

Slide-O-Mix is the most popular representative of the third group of the lubricants. It is produced in two sizes: big and smaller bottles. This lubricant has a special formula, which provides an easy applying and a long-lasting effect. The only condition is the perfect cleaning of the slide before applying. Although this lubricant is suitable for both the amateurs and the professionals, some musicians consider that it is better to use it on slides with small gap between the inner and outer slide tubes. The oil and cream lubricants are suitable mostly for the slides with large gap. But certainly it’s up to you what lubricant to use on your trombone slide.

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