Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant

Brand Slide-O-Mix
Categories Cleaning & Care,
Product Features
  • 2-component liquid lubricant.
  • Designed specifically for trombone slides.
  • Creates a long lasting glide.
  • Used and recommended by many professional players around the world.
  • Full instructions provided.
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Whether you are a professional musician or just a beginner you need to keep your instrument clean and ready to work. The lubrication is one of the most popular ways to keep your trombone playing smoothly.

There are different types of the lubricants: oil, cream and a mixture of these two forms. Each form deserves the attention. In any case you are free to choose and look for a suitable for your individual requirements lubricant.

Slide oil. There was a time when slide oil was very popular among the beginners and the professionals. It is an easy applied liquid. As opposed to the slide cream it doesn’t require using water to keep the slide slick. To rub the inner slid you need to wipe the tube from top to bottom with the oiled cloth.

The most popular creamy lubricant is a Slide-O-Mix. It has several advantages: more comfortable applying and prolonged effect. The degree of applying density depends on the final aim: you may temporally reactivate the slightly dented tubes until repairs can be made. A thinner layer is available for the preventive cleaning.

If your trombone’s slide became sticky, give it a rest and spend several minutes to lubricate your slide thoroughly and only after this procedure

continue practicing.

To prepare your instrument for lubrication you need to take apart the slide tube. It comes in two parts: inner and outer slide. Further wash out any dirt from the tubes. Use the warm water, you can add also a couple drops of a dishwashing liquid. Be careful with slide tubes: they are very thin and easy to be damaged. Even slight bend can make the slide difficult to use.

Next step is to polish the inner slide with dry cloth. It is one of the most important stages, so pay attention to the effective polishing of the tubes. The clean and dry tubes are ready for lubrication.

The first rule during applying the lubricants is do not use it too much. A thin film of lubricant will be useful when it is applied between inner and outer slide tubes. In any case you need to experiment with how much to put on.

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