Yamaha YRS24BUKII Descant recorder

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Yamaha was founded in Japan in 1887 and began its activity with the production of reed organs (disharmony). Then it was called Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. Since then, Yamaha has grown into the world's largest producer of all types of musical instruments and became the leading manufacturer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and other goods related to computers, sporting goods, home appliances, special alloys, tools and industrial robots.

To date, Yamaha has 75 representative offices and 6 subsidiaries all over the world in addition to the significant number of companies in Japan.

In addition to this, Yamaha owns and operates an unique recreation areas throughout Japan that are intended for leisure and cultural development of its customers. Yamaha also provides space for music lessons, allows the presentation of his compositions and creates the infrastructure for bringing fun musical experiments.

Since its Foundation in 1966, the Yamaha Music Foundation Fund is active, associated with music; it includes the opening of Yamaha music schools and conducting youth festival Junior Original Concert. Obligations of music popularization, development and support of music education - one of the most important elements that distinguish Yamaha from its competitors.

Yamaha strives to produce products and services that satisfy the most different requests and needs of people around the world. Products and services the company has gained international recognition due to excellent quality, design, acoustics, technology, production and customer focus. The products and services of Yamaha are highly regarded by professionals, institutions and entrepreneurs related to this industry.

The primary corporate objective Yamaha is evident in everything she does and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people around the world.

Yamaha YRS24BUKII Descant recorder

Instruments 20 and 30 series designed for a great start to learning. They have the perfect resistance for easy control, and have an accuracy of intonation you can expect only from more expensive models. Compared to other plastic recorders, which may have a similar appearance, educational instruments, Yamaha ABS plastic are truly exceptional. Models are available with German and Baroque fingerings. Series 20, easy-to-play in all registers, is intended primarily for beginners. Series 30, which has a curved tube for improved control over breathing and tumbrel expression, is designed for more advanced students.

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