Flute is a common name of musical wind instruments in the woodwind group. It is one of the most ancient musical instruments. Unlike other wind instruments, the flute sounds formed as a result of air cutting, instead using the tongue.

Block flute

Recorder is kind of long flutes. This wooden wind musical instrument is from the whistle class. Block is used in the head part of this instrument.

Transverse flute

Transverse flute is woodwind musical instrument from the soprano register. Modern flutes are usually made of metal (nickel, silver, gold, platinum), at least - of wood, sometimes - glass, plastics and other composite materials.

Flute piccolo

Flute piccolo is woodwind musical instrument. It is a kind of transverse flute, the highest sound among instrument-sounding brass. It has brilliant shrill and sibilant voice in forte.


Syringa is ancient Greek musical instrument, a kind of long flutes.


Pan flute class woodwind multi-lateral flute, consisting of several (2 or more) hollow tubes of different lengths.


Di is ancient Chinese transverse flute with 6 holes game. In most cases, the barrel di made of bamboo or reed, but sometimes di was made from other types of wood and even stone, mostly jade.

Irish flute

Irish transverse flute, which is used for the execution of the Irish (and Scottish, Breton and others.) folk music.


Kena is a long flute which used in the music of the Andean region of Latin America. Usually made of cane. It has six upper and one lower opening for the fingers


The pipe - Russian wind instrument, a kind of long flutes.


Tin whistle folk is long flute with six holes on the front side, widely used in folk music of Ireland, Scotland, England and some other countries.


Ocarina is ancient wind musical instrument. Usually made of ceramic, but sometimes also is made of plastic, wood, glass or metal.