What makes harmonica one of the best-selling musical instruments in the world? Let's list all the reasons why this little “mouth organ” is considered to be such a cool thing. Its sound is very recognizable. Even a novice playing harmonica only for a few minutes can easily turn on a roomful of listeners, whereas musician-expert can convey all the depth of their feelings using this wind instrument. The emotional aspect of harmonica is the main reason of its frequent appearance in movies and popular recordings.

Harmonica sounds good on default. It was originally designed to sound nicely and harmoniously. Harmonica’s configuration supposes that it’s possible to play both single notes and their combinations (chords) and all of them sound great. Playing harmonica is like riding a motorcycle which is not so easy to fall until it’s moving.

You can take harmonica with you, even in space! Harmonica is one of the most compact instruments. Few people know that harmonica was the first musical instrument to be in outer space. In December 1965, astronaut Wally Schirra reported an unidentified flying object in polar orbit (perhaps it was a sleigh of Santa Claus) and then played «Jingle Bells» on harmonica, which he dragged aboard.

It is cheaper than dinner at a restaurant. Really! You can buy a cheap harmonica for practice, which will cost you less than dinner at a restaurant. With a guitar or a

synthesizer it won’t work.

Harmonica interacts closely with a musician. You can fully grasp the harmonica with your own hands; it will sound right into your ear, what other instruments can only envy. Playing the harmonica can be a very intimate action, such as writing to the secret diary. It is universal. You can play it in so different styles - blues, rock, folk, reggae, jazz (of course, to achieve some success at the chromatic play one should practice a lot. In order to start playing the harmonica you don’t necessarily need to know music theory. You can perform amazing things, not knowing the music at all.

Guitar - 80%, bass-guitar - 19%, harmonica - 1%.

What is the quantitative correlation between guitarists and harpers? - Approximately 1/100.

Now imagine how much you will be popular in local bands!