Clarinet Pull Through - Hanky Style Chamois Pull Thru by Carmichael
Carmichael Chamois Clarinet Pull through

The Carmichael Chamois Clarinet pull through is a high quality Chamois material that is highly absorbent. This pull through is highly effective at clearing away all moisture and dirt with ease. Leaded weight at the bottom of the draw string, with a b
Rocket Flute Mop - Wool
Silk Flute Mop Wool mop with Plastic coated handle Push the Mop in and out of the flute''s joints to soak up any moisture after playing.
Windcraft Cork Grease - Lipstick Style - For Woodwinds Clarinet/Sax/Oboe
Excellent value cork grease. Suitable for clarinet joints, oboe joints and sax crook corks. This premium cork grease is made in the USA and is perfect for storing in an instrument case so it's always on hand. Many woodwind instruments have some form of cork joint where the instruments are assembled.
Tenor Saxophone Sax Mouthpiece Plastic Cover with Ligature Black


Material: Plastic, artificial leather
Color: Black + gold screw
Cover size: Approx 98*38mm / 3.8*1.5 inch
Ligature size: Approx 100*28mm / 3.9*1.1 inch (adjustable)
Suits all tenor saxophones
With adjustable sax ligature, convenient and easy to use

Stagg Clarinet Care Kit
A must for all Clarinet players! Care kit for clarinet Includes: clarinet swab mouthpiece brush cork grease cleaning cloth pad of cleaning paper
Oboe Care and Maintenance Kit - Silk 2 Piece Pull Through Included
Elite Oboe Care Kit Complete with a oboe swab set, elite cork grease, a double ended dusting brush, thumb protector and Rico oboe reed guard.

Complete protection and maintenance for you oboe. Comes with everything needed to keep your Oboe in top condition.
Rico Padgard for Flute
Rico's Padgards offer a convenient way to dry out your instrument. Padgards are made from soft, absorbent material, which helps wick moisture and keep your instrument dry after use.*Designed to fit most flutes*Soft material*Absorbent fibers wicks moisture*Also available for saxophones and clarinets*
Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case with Humidity Control Pack for All Clarinets and Saxophones
Rico's signature reed case holds eight of any size clarinet or saxophone reeds, from Eb clarinet through Baritone Saxophone, and features Reed Vitalizer two-way humidity control technology. Reeds are held snugly to a grooved surface, which prevents warping. The airtight gasket ensures a proper seal,
Helin Oboe Silk Pull-through cloths and pipe cleaner 4850
Two pieces; one for the top joint, another for the bottom joint. Silk cloth with weight attached for ease of use. For removing moisture from your oboe.
Helin E1900 Oboe Wool Cleaning Mops (Pack of 2)
Helin Oboe Cleaning Mops. An essential part of your instrument's care and maintenance regime. Made of wool with a plastic coated wire. 2 piece.