Rocket RMV001 Valve Oil - White
This good quality valve oil will protect your brass instrument against wear, eliminate leakage and allow for moisture to work for you and not against you. The professional valve oil can make your instrument feel new each time you use it and the bottles are the perfect size to pop into your case for
Windcraft Cork Grease - Lipstick Style - For Woodwinds Clarinet/Sax/Oboe
Excellent value cork grease. Suitable for clarinet joints, oboe joints and sax crook corks. This premium cork grease is made in the USA and is perfect for storing in an instrument case so it's always on hand. Many woodwind instruments have some form of cork joint where the instruments are assembled.
Helin E427M Saxophone Neck Pull Through-Color may vary
Microcloth pull through for all saxophone crooks
Rocket Flute Mop - Wool
Silk Flute Mop Wool mop with Plastic coated handle Push the Mop in and out of the flute''s joints to soak up any moisture after playing.
Stagg Clarinet Care Kit
A must for all Clarinet players! Care kit for clarinet Includes: clarinet swab mouthpiece brush cork grease cleaning cloth pad of cleaning paper
TOOGOO(R)Saxophone Cleaning Tool KitCleaning Cloth+Cork Grease+Brush+Thumb Rest+Reed Case
* TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings. Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration.
TOOGOO(R)Saxophone Cleaning Tool KitCleaning Cloth+Cork Grease+Brush+Thumb Rest+Reed Case
Package Included:
Clarinet Pull Through - Hanky Style Chamois Pull Thru by Carmichael
Carmichael Chamois Clarinet Pull through

The Carmichael Chamois Clarinet pull through is a high quality Chamois material that is highly absorbent. This pull through is highly effective at clearing away all moisture and dirt with ease. Leaded weight at the bottom of the draw string, with a b
Helin E4000 Alto Sax Pull Through Cloth Synthetic
Synthetic Chamois style pull through to dry the inside of your alto saxophone. Will help your pads last longer and avoid stickiness. Weighted cord enables the pull through to work easily.
Helin E1610 Microfibre Cleaning Mop with Wire Handle
For four generations the business policy of the German company Helin has been to bring high quality products to the market at affordable prices.  Your satisfaction and the maintenance of the Helin tradition of quality are the main priorities of that company. Flute Mop. - wool - plastic coated wir
Oboe Pullthrough Cloths Swab Set - 2 piece
Pullthrough cloth swab set for Oboe maintance and cleaning. Set of two cloths with pullcords.
5 x Elite Woodwind Cork Grease - 5 Pack - For Saxophone, Clarinet and Oboe Joints
Value 5 Pack of Cork Grease

Elite Cork Grease is a high quality lubricant which can be applied to metal as well as cork surfaces. For woodwind and reed instruments such as saxophones, clarinets, and oboes. It is used on the corks to make putting the instrument together possible without damagi