JHS Hornby Descant Recorder
The JHS Hornby 200H Descant is a great choice of recorder for beginners of all ages looking to take up this fantastic instrument. Featuring a classic dark plastic body and cream coloured mouthpiece and ring joint this 2 piece recorder has been one of our best selling products with schools, teachers
Aulos 211A Tenor Recorder
Aulos 211 Tenor Recorder. The Aulos 211 Tenor Recorder is a wonderful 3-piece keyless recorder. The Slimline shape is ideal for smaller hands as the finger holes are smaller and less widely spaced than other tenors. The slightly smaller mouthpiece will be more comfortable for some players than tradi
Sonata SAS701 - Alto Saxophone
Sonata Student Alto Saxophone Sonata is a leading brand of premium student instruments designed specifically for beginners. Its Eb Alto Saxophone is made from high quality materials resulting in a robust, well made instrument. It features gold lacquer on its body and keys, making for a really lovely
Aulos 303 Descant Recorder
This Package Includes

The Aulos was the first recorder in the world successfully made from ABS synthetic resin, late in the 20th century. The highly uniform quality is facilitated by their special interior structure based on many patents and by super precision mo
Yamaha Descant YRS24BUK school recorder with Book 1Yamaha Descant YRS24BUK school recorder with Book 1
Used by many schools Yamaha Descant school recorder,includes soft carrying case and cleaning rod and recorder from the beginning New edition . Yamaha recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone's musical education. They offer an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control, and fe
Hornby 100H Key C Descant Recorder
Soprano Recorder 100H. The JHS Hornby Range of student recorders has been popular with schools and colleges throughout the land for many years. These instruments match perfectly for ensemble work and are extremely affordable for both the private student and education authorities. Features: Brown pla
Tiger REC7 PU Recorder for Children - Purple
The Tiger coloured plastic descant recorders range give you a soprano recorder designed specifically for beginners and children in particular. As a 3 piece recorder you have the ability to get more precise tuning and better intonation that is not always offered with beginners recorders. These starte