Rico Clarinet / Alto Sax Mouthpiece Saver
Rico Mouthpiece Savers Designed to dry out your mouthpiece, Mouthpiece Savers are simple to use and will help eliminate moisture and keep your mouthpiece in the best condition.
Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant
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Trevor James 1PMPC Clarinet or Flute Swab
Microfibre pull through for flutes and clarinets
Stagg Clarinet Care Kit
A must for all Clarinet players! Care kit for clarinet Includes: clarinet swab mouthpiece brush cork grease cleaning cloth pad of cleaning paper
Helin E4000 Alto Sax Pull Through Cloth Synthetic
Synthetic Chamois style pull through to dry the inside of your alto saxophone. Will help your pads last longer and avoid stickiness. Weighted cord enables the pull through to work easily.
Hagerty Silver Polishing Gloves With Tarnish Barrier (1 Pair)

Whisk away previously unmovable tarnish in the shortest time, with minimal effort. Hagerty are experts at making the laborious but rewarding chore of cleaning and polishing the family silver quicker and easier.

What's their secret? The addition of an invisible tarnish-retarding barrier tha

Helin Oboe Silk Pull-through cloths and pipe cleaner 4850
Two pieces; one for the top joint, another for the bottom joint. Silk cloth with weight attached for ease of use. For removing moisture from your oboe.
Rico Padgard for Flute
Rico's Padgards offer a convenient way to dry out your instrument. Padgards are made from soft, absorbent material, which helps wick moisture and keep your instrument dry after use.*Designed to fit most flutes*Soft material*Absorbent fibers wicks moisture*Also available for saxophones and clarinets*
Rocket Flute Mop - Wool
Silk Flute Mop Wool mop with Plastic coated handle Push the Mop in and out of the flute''s joints to soak up any moisture after playing.
Helin E4820 Oboe Pull Through
Helin Oboe Pull Thru. An essential part of your instrument's care and maintenance regime. Micro Cloth, 2 piece.